Barb Swanson Educational Services
Transitions can be very exciting but sometimes confusing and overwhelming. Often families want more information and personal service. Barb Swanson Educational Services provides a number of options to support young people and their families as they navigate choices and pathways in the educational journey.

Explore the possibilities!

With over 30 years in education and a passion for assisting young people, I particularily enjoy helping them discover appropriate alternatives. By encouraging effective research, establishing criteria, and regular evaluation of their options, I assist their decision making and understanding of the process.

I have the knowledge and experience to provide direction in the following:

Post-Secondary Services
  • Interest/personality/career assessments
  • Identification of post-secondary interests
  • Exploration of possibilities
  • Research strategies
  • Information about universities/colleges in Canada/USA/UK/Australia
  • Application process and procedures
  • Supplementary forms, essays, portfolios etc
  • How to enhance an application
  • Proofreading and critiquing of essays and application
  • Advice on scholarships
  • GAP experience
  • Re-entering post-secondary education
  • Graduate programs
  • Direct Entry programs e.g. law, medicine, veterinary meds
Encouragement, reassurance and support provided at every step!
"Success is when opportunity meets preparation."